Thoughts & Prayers

As the second amendment says,

“The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Thanks, Washington, but I think that’s come unhinged

I mean, we all need safety, and politicians speak of security,

But now tears are running down cheeks, furiously

‘Cuz a mother’s just been told her son couldn’t run from a goddamn gun

Now we think about our rights and wonder

Well, not the right to own a gun,

the right not to be shot by one

‘Cuz in a few months I don’t want to sit under a desk, sending my last “I love you” texts

Though, politicians wouldn’t understand

They work in the White House, where guns have already been banned

I guess guns are “too dangerous” to be near a congressman

But totally fine when in a room with school children…?

Now, I don’t mean to be a heckler,

But I think the US has broken a few records

We’re number 1 in mass shootings since 1996

Really says something about this county’s great ethics

Did you know that

In one year, guns killed

17 in Finland

35 in Australia

39 in England

60 in Spain

And 9,484 in the United States

God Bless America

You know, someone tweeted comparing guns to cars

you know, “cars kill people, they’re not evil”

well, cars are meant to drive, guns are meant to kill

and before you say we should only blame the mentally ill

let me ask you: isn’t someone with a gun more dangerous than someone without one?

I mean, some people have more guns in their basement than they have friends on facebook

Some people want to add guns to a problem that only exists… because of guns

What they don’t get is that if someone is drowning, you don’t give them more water

Don’t pass a cigarette to someone who has cancer

people have so many other needs, needs that are going unmet

but, hey! at least the grim reaper won’t face unemployment

Oh, and some of the things I said might’ve sounded familiar,

You saw it on Instagram, maybe you read it on Twitter

That’s ‘cuz I didn’t really write this piece,

See, the people were the ones who posted and scrolled,

I just put it all in the form of a poem

So the People wrote this poem

The People feel this poem

And you need to hear this poem

‘Cuz you, and me, need to show them that

We were raised reading stories of governments gone wrong

We were raised reading stories of justice prolonged

In those books, in those movies, in those “silly” TV shows

We looked & we found a hero’s soul to call our own

And we are so sick of gunshots and lies layered

So if someone whines about not having a firearm,

We’ll just send them our thoughts and prayers

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