The Lives of Syrian Refugees (cont.)

With the closing of schools for the novel coronavirus, I had some extra time on my hands. I thought I’d go back and rewatch The Harrowing Personal Stories of Syrian Refugees, in Their Own Words:

What I see when I watch these people is strength. It takes a special kind of superhuman will to keep on pushing forward when all you know, all you love, is destroyed in front of you. More than that, the kindness that shines through these people is beautiful. Though they themselves have nothing, almost every person expresses their worry for someone else. When a young boy talks about being on the boat, he says, “We were six children, so I was scared for my younger siblings. I fear for them, and my mother and father.” One mother states, “I was most scared of seeing my children die right in front of me.” Another, the mother fo two daughters, says with confidence, “It is all about my daughter’s futures. Their future is now my future.” Being put through hell did nothing to dent the selflessness, kindness, and love in their hearts– that’s what I admire most about them. 

The differences between how the media and our current administration portray immigrants versus how they actually are astonishes me. These are innocent human beings doing nothing more than running from an impossible situation. They ask only for a chance in a new country, nothing more. Never forget: no one leaves home unless, as author Warsan Shire so beautifully puts it, “home is the barrel of a gun.”