National Emergency

They call it a “national emergency”

As if the families crossing the border are draining the life of Americans

News flash: La emergencia no está killing people like guns

No está leaving citizens sin agua like Flint

Pero si hablo en español, tú no me entiendes

Entonces I’ll speak in English,

‘Cause that’s the only way I can get you to listen:

If I speak the way you do

Eat the food you do

Look the way you do

Then maybe, maybe, I’ll impress you with my


Maybe you’ll even call me “exotic”

‘Cause you only take the best and the brightest

To you, am I another statistic?


Do you throw me in with the two-sixty thousand kids that come here illegally without parents?

Is every immigrant another mile to be completed

Out of the six fifty four already up?

When, I’m curious, when will be enough?

Someone with a bad tan asked for $5.7 billion

Denied, decided to grab the whole country by the collar

Issued a government shutdown

Put down your time for the takers

800,000 federal employees without paychecks

Record of 35 days, congrats, I guess

Nothing really beats this country’s stubbornness


Now personally, I’m a US citizen,

But Dominicans you throw in with Mexicans

No Latins determined by their actions,

Just determined by the fruit they pick, which glistens

As it lies on your table

Catching the light, just right

If you shined that light on me, would you see me differently?

See the phenomenon of caravans as individual people

People that actually present themselves to border officials

Request asylum

Seen as loathsome

Just looking for a safe place for their family

Tell me, is this what you call a “national emergency?”