Let’s Talk About Black Lives Matter

These riots have gone too far. It’s anarchy out there.

From the perspective of black communities, it’s been anarchy for a long time.

Burning and robbing small businesses does nothing except ruin the lives of the owners!

You have a point in saying undue damage has been done. You know what else has been damaged, besides product & profit? Lives. Black lives. Innocent lives. You post and speak up about stores being ruined– did you do the same for the BLM movement? Did you do the same for the lives lost?

Innocent lives are being ruined by rioting.

It’s really an exaggeration to say that lives are being ruined, but we’ll go with that for now. However, let me correct the statement: “Innocent lives are being ruined by white supremacy.” And you know what? This ruining of lives did not begin with George Floyd. It did not begin with Ahumad Arbery. It began centuries ago, and continues today. Doesn’t it need to end?

I just don’t support the way they’re doing it.

How should they do it, then? Because kneeling in the NFL didn’t work. Peaceful protests didn’t work. Not giving up a bus seat didn’t work. I’m not saying violence is the answer– but when you speak to someone and they don’t hear you, shouldn’t you speak louder?


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