It Was a Wonder

It was a wonder she could move like that. Walking through the rain and pulling a gray pitbull along for the ride shouldn’t be a graceful movement. And yet somehow, by some miracle, this one girl in her little yellow raincoat and black umbrella turned it into a dance. This sight wasn’t one that had been seen before, no prequel to compare this to, so where had she come from? Was there nothing intriguing to know about her? The intricate yet simple way she moved suggested that this mystery girl from nowhere had been, maybe, a dancer? Not the kind who traded in harsh movement and trash talk, but the type who simply became air and drifted on music. Ballet, perhaps? A teenage ballet prodigy? It was as if she’d learned from the masters how to jump in a puddle but barely make a splash. You had no choice but to watch the tips of her toes, protected in a gray rain boot, dip ever-so-delicately into water. And what of that behemoth of a dog trudging behind her? Where, exactly, did he fit into the equation? It almost seemed ironic, really, that the dog was the one who didn’t want to be outside. His muddy paws and beady eyes didn’t make for a pretty picture, that’s for sure. So where had this girl come from, with her beautiful grace and reluctant companion?