Double Standards

Think about the BS going down right now

Personally, I’m thinking ‘bout the difference between men and women in the world

Though if I keep talking, Imma be told I’m “not nice enough” and I need to “smile more”

And when I’m older, I should worry about finding a husband

I hope I don’t forget, ‘cuz apparently, my memory cannot be trusted

And Eve was created for Adam

Though, probably because Adam didn’t know who to be without Eve,


I’m calling BS.


BS on all the men whose wants come before women’s needs

I know you don’t know what it’s like to be me

To be told not to sit like a boy

As if being simply comfortable had a sex

To always act ladylike

Never touch the codex


And don’t get me started on simply having emotions

Men really aren’t allowed to show any, women are stereotyped to have too many

So when Serena Williams argues over cheating she didn’t do

She’s “having a meltdown, acting the clown, making herself to be the fool”

But when Brett Kavanaugh damn near cries in the courtroom,

He’s being “strong, powerful, and everybody’s moved”

Now doesn’t that just sound nice?

I might need new contacts, think I’m seeing double standards

Why is everyone okay when it’s the women getting slandered?


They seem to forget that women aren’t meant to “compliment” men

Telling us that we were “treated the same”

But people still being used, hidin’ out backstage

And the pattern continued, around and around

Now those below don’t look up

And those above don’t look down


And it’s been too damn long, so I’m calling B.S.