Dear “Friend”

Dear “Friend,”

I do not rap, sing, write, or dance to give you a reason to say I do nothing but prance.

And I’ve told you this a thousand times

but I won’t write it in a thousand rhymes.

You know why?

Because I will not put forth so much effort, trying to get a message across

To someone who always treats me like they are the boss

One day, I’m gonna escape your clutches,

leave this suffocation

Because I have imagination, I have creation,

And even if you stop with your hateful words

I will not stop trying to rule the world

I will soar across the mountaintops,

and then I will-


I will stop, and I will come down from my perch,

high on the clouds,

and I will meet you in whatever swamp you’d have dug yourself into

And I will have cakes for you

I will have cookies, I will have games for you to do

Because I want to say: Thank You.

Without you, I would never have learned to put up a wall-

Between me, and the haters

Me, and the fakers

Me, and


Then, as you eat the treats and grow fatter

I will tell you how I built a ladder

and climbed it rung

by rung

by rung

I’ll tell you that when I hit the last brick, I realized that I was the one

I did not need two, I did not need you

but then, I guess that’s a paradox

Since without you and your teeth like those of a croc

I never would’ve realized that I never needed you to stop.

Then I will tell you that I need to leave

That I have to fly back to those who believe

But just before I reach the sky,

I will look down once more and say

“Thank You.

You taught me not to wait for others to quit their teasing,

Instead, you taught me to be my own reason

to fly.”

(Go here to see me perform this!)